How to remove a tattoo – What to do if you suffer a puncture

One of the reasons some people are looking to remove the tattoos, the fact you may be met with blow outs where they It looks like the ink spread out in designated areas. Sometimes it's not really noticeable but sometimes obvious and can cause great annoyance to the people and therefore makes them look for an opportunity to get rid of, and make it look cleaner. There are many different ways to go onto treatment this option if you do not meet, and they are all easy and relatively inexpensive to go through it.

How & # 39; and it caused

may easily puncture the ink that was cut way too deep into the skin and the fat layer which soak up, so the image so that the ink spreads around where they should not.

Sometimes it happens it due to the fact that the artist, whether you use heavy handed, and then there are other times when the skin changes for example the side of the foot to the top of the foot (go to the top of the page would change the skin depth).

This is generally avoided by many artists, but if it happens due to a fault, there are some things you can do to make it less noticeable.

Cover Ups

One of the things you can do to get covered, or add a little more shading to the area. It will not be hard to do, and you & # 39; artist would be willing to do it cheaper when it is observed.

shield is usually easier because it means that you do not have to go through to get something new on it, just some added color around the side to cover the leaked dye.

Removal Cream

You can also go to the weakened opportunities in the area (which can affect the tattoo) to be less noticeable if you & # 39; It s so bad. You can use things like removing creams, it will go into the skin and break down the ink pigment in the body.

If the piece is still fresh enough to use it as an alternative, aloe vera, and as the water-based solution will take over the loose particles from skin and fade out.


When I get to the point where the paint is so annoying that you just want to, that the whole piece is gone, perhaps looking for laser removal is also an option. This can help you target a small area that eruption, or if you are not really enjoying the new piece will get rid of the whole thing as well.

If you already have an outbreak of an artist that is not always going to ditch them and someone, probably because it is a coincidence that & # 39; having to remove tattoos blowouts but if someone new who has done it regularly, it may be time to opportunities elsewhere.

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About Chest Tattoos

As of the moment, more than a hundred thousand tattoo designs made available to addicts and fans. You will find all these categorized according to their actual skin art site that is in the region of the body where the tattoo is located. Chest tattoos or chest piece, like some people, are becoming very popular.

If you are thinking of hopping on the trend, here are some aspects of getting this kind of tattoo that you need to take note of

Q: Where is the ark when tattoos? For men, it can refer to the part immediately below the neck, clavicle pectoral muscles. Women, on the other hand, do not include the breasts if they are talking about tattoos on his chest. Then again, it does not mean that you can not tattoo during both areas. In the world of skin art, whatever.

One of the biggest fallacies chest tattoo is that it is kind of the least painful of all kinds, mainly because they believe in the chest chest region women or men only pectorals. But because in the region above the area dealing with this means, then through a pair of tattooing ribs and the clavicle. This also means that the experience can be quite painful – especially if it's the first time.

As mentioned above, the chest pad is bony. When choosing a design, you might want to go that closely work with the natural curves and bony protrusions on the chest. The plans of the chest tattoo visible on the Internet is a little different when you have on your body. One thing that can help reduce the problem is to work on a rough draft of the artist.

It's okay to just tell the tattoo artist what you want in the chest or other body parts. However, if this is the first time you should listen to your tattoo artist and follow his advice. Of course, we have our own ideas, but he has been in the business long enough to know what will work and what will not.

Always know how much it will cost for the whole job. different rates for different tattoo artists as well. Often, it depends on where you are and the level of fame of the artist of choice. Yet it is important to have an idea.

Chest Tattoos are not established in the 20th century. It's been much longer and people in different locations around the world. Some of them, it means pride. For others, it means something close to their hearts. Simply put, you are better off with a tattoo design means something.

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Traditional Vs. Neo-Traditional Tattooing

Some say that the & # 39; and there is no difference between the traditional and neo-traditional tattoos tattoos; although the differences are small, they are still there. The traditional dark tattoos is difficult due to a stroke and color. They deliberately kept simple in design and use of color palette is limited to the red, green, yellow, brown and blue with little or no shading.

times Tattoo culture than many wage and social periphery, as opposed to the traditional appeal and artistic credibility it today. These iconic images stamped sailors would get their bodies as a celebration of service; Only an experienced sailor, it has a far-flung lands were taken and a certain number of miles to be able to get the swallows, for example. Traditional tattoos are not customly up, but they're just taking flash walls.

The "traditional" sticks unique images: patriotic symbols such as the Eagles, boats, anchors, the American flag, daggers, pin up, swallows and sea stars. All of these symbols came from classic navy and naval icons were prevalent in the early 20th century, when the service will return to the States and get tattooed.

Neo-traditional tattoos pay homage through its classic, timeless art form of the same techniques; thick lines and heavy color saturation minimal shading and detail. However, images and designs used are generally more varied and diverse color palette used. A purely "American" style tattoo, traditional neo picking up candles, lighthouses, diamonds, caskets and other concepts and put them in the "traditional" way.

Not to be confused with "New-School", a cartoon-like, exaggerated and colorful tattoo style, Neo-traditional in a revival of "Old School" celebration of the roots and origins.

The innate beauty of the traditional tattoo style appeals to fans of all generations; thick solid lines and colors are blurred less, which is the longevity and lasting quality that so many desire.

Apart from the black and gray, traditional proved to be one of the only tattoo styles that will stand the test of time and still have the audience to wear them. The beauty of the traditional tattoos just that; there will always be artists seek to recreate the classic tattoo and culture, which helped pave the way, and the tattoo industry what it is today.

Today, artists like Myke Chambers opened a new generation of professional tattoo traditional, uplifting the profession of a new frontier, and keep the tradition alive.

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How to paint a wooden boat

One of the great secrets of growing today & # 39; s modern shipbuilding is the amount of hi-tech gobble-de-gook that the average home boat builder is expected to wade through when the time comes to paint after the ship's terrible amount of sanding, fairing and hard work (mostly) over, and the fruits of their labor needs now shiny deep luster that the painting now promises to. This section provides that at least one of the best parts of my mind shipbuilding, to the finish line! (Well, at least the start of the finish!)

Painting a boat used to be a relatively simple task. All one needed was a fine dry day, a father & # 39; and paintbrushes, some turps, a roll of duct tape, a bit of pink primer left in the decorating and a half liters of shiny blue enamel paint from the local hardware store … they were under the sun!

Not so today, my friends! The unsuspecting boat builder who toddles off best prepare the local general store or supermarket in the very worst, not only he (or she) will face a massive financial attack on the wallet, but the breathtaking array of hi-tech guru wow balderdash that the (generally ) uninformed shop assistant will proceed to throw in their direction in the faint hope that you give under the stress and buy several liters of the latest polurethanicalslitheryaminomolecular bumpkin that & # 39; s just keep coming. For example, if you & # 39; ll have to face the trade names such as & # 39; Interlux Interthane coating & # 39;. I mean, come on, it sounds like a new space invaders game! This is bloody paint! There are many others, but it & # 39; m sure the essence of what I & # 39; I say.

Another example of the kind of thing that drives me nuts is that you can expect to buy several liters of iso-cyanate two pack marine polyurethane paint only to be cheerfully told that it is illegal to spray if a business premises duly licensed to do so, burgundy maroon !! I suppose, is that new names to go with the new paint company policies of charging up to $ 150 per liter in some new-fangled paints! What the hell have discovered that & # 39; and so expensive that it's the stuff? I was under the impression that paint was a few liters of linseed oil, turps, some drying agents and a few ounces of pigments in color … I really so out of touch?

Back to Basics

So, why do we paint wooden boats? Or other boat for that matter? The first part of the question is simple. Boats look much smarter and better to shine and gleam a bit … it & # 39; and only after human nature. The second part of the question, I want to protect it. Okay, what? Well, wood rot if you do not paint it? – Wrong! Wood left to its own devices does not rot. Wood rots only as a result of the environment. There are multiple cases of how, plain untreated wood can last for centuries, until the right environment. There are basically only a few elements that start wood rotting. Biological attack from spores, fungi, temperature, high humidity or total absorption, physical attack from marine borers and crustaceans that allow ingress to all the other elements mentioned above.

Do not let & # 39; and forget that polluted waters, decomposes wood to the point where the rot …. we & # 39; ll add chemical attack to that list too. So, considering all these very compelling reasons we protect ships paintings that coat to fully counter these attacks.

Production of sawn timber

The actual preparation of timber cover a range of different requirements. If the boat is a new build it will not go through many of the preparatory stages that an older boat can go through. A form of shipbuilding, where the vessel was built by a different method such as strip planking or cold molding, we paint the boat as if a fiberglass boat, its due to the fact that both layers of fiberglass cover the timber or timber has epoxy that does not allow the traditional paint to adhere properly. However, if we are to protect the bare wood you use a different direction. Wood bare natural state millions of thin hollow tubes running through it, constructed of cellulose in its natural form. You have to seal these tubes to prevent water from entering them. Therefore, seal and coat the timber first.

The first thing you can do is to clean and remove any loose or damaged paint plus any dirt remains on the hull – sounds easy if you say it fast, but it must be done! If necessary (and most times it is) degrease the hull of a proprietary paint degreaser after removing all dust preferably with a vacuum cleaner. Do not forget that it is not necessary that all the hull back bare wood just dry, clean, grease and dust.

upload and shortcomings

Obviously, not many timber craft are perfect on the outside. In many spots, cracks, imperfections and splits both large and small to deal with filling and sanding them flush before priming the boat. It & # 39; and a bit of a chore but time spent here will reward you with a boat that is sure to get better, plus longer life. Some folks fill these holes and imperfections epoxy wood filler, but it is not a good idea. Some time later, for example when you need to put under the boat, the repair, the devil's job to remove the epoxy with a mounting hole. It & # 39; s best to use some kind of proper timber filler that dries hard and fast but is never that hard that can not be removed in the future. For example, painting & # 39; and glazing compound is a fairly hard setting soft paste that can be quickly applied and sanded and painted satisfactorily. Caravel ships usually at the seams filled fair special seam compound after the boat has been primed. If the vessel has been filled and faired smooth and all dust removed we are ready to make some real ink. Do not forget the difference between a professional and an amateur job polishing the product!

about the treatment of

wood preservative

There are two trends bare tree wood preservative. I & # 39; I heard stories that primers and paints do not adhere to many of them. In my case, I have never personally that to happen to me, I usually use them to advantage. However, I am convinced that in many cases where the paint refuses to stick to the tree because the tree does not dry out after application. There is a definite percentage of humidity that every timber has (and most of them differ slightly) where paint of any description simply will not stick. This can be up to fifteen percent in some beams. First of all, that the wood dry enough that any paint or filler to adhere to it. Remember too that salt deposits on timber will readily contain water and keep it damp …. when the vessel was in salty water wash it off before the start of fresh paint. When and only when, the wood preservative is dry, the next step


The first coat of primer to go onto your hull is metallic gray primer. It is good to use a primer, since it is made up of millions of microscopic flat metal (aluminum) plates that were on top of each other giving water is a very difficult to pass though … Pink primer as a circular molecule substances therefore allows water to enter much quicker … fact! Grey primers also contain certain oils and most anti-mold agent, which is within (biocides to you and I) do two coats of gray primer above the waterline and three, no less, below it.

some other observations Primers

There is a whole world of paint primers out there and confusion of the quality is very common. The basic dry timbers, the gray metallic primers are good as previously mentioned. Also many oil-based primers are well-known companies are also very good, and do the job perfectly. Hi-build primers however must be approached with caution and I must say that I have never personally very well with them. Most of them contain Titanium Dioxide (ie & # 39; s talcum powder to us lot) and even when fully cured can absorb copious amounts of moisture that can prevent really good paint adhesion. To only paint hi-build primers good clean, dry days and excessive humidity levels to avoid this. Then apply as soon as possible topcoats to seal them. Please note also that during the wear and tear resulting from the hi-build primers are a soft type of paint and suffer badly rocky or pebbly beaches and even when launching from boat trailers. When sanding these primers remember that huge clouds of white dust are released so aware of where you sand and wear appropriate safety masks.


Again, there are many types to choose from. Let & # 39; and that the two packets of the way first. Two-component Polyurethane should be used as a two-component epoxy primer first. We have a fantastic design, and & # 39; s fine, but you need to make absolutely sure that under the tree is not going to move because the paint cures so hard that it can and will crack (plankers strip cold molded boats are the best bet here … apart of course from glass boats). The primary reason is that the timber vessels built or are moving to & # 39; Work & # 39; As known. You can easily get away when the timber ship has a new glass …. not glassed over later as a preventative method to stop leaks. Rarely boats treated thus dry out properly and are still susceptible to movement as the timber inside the glass or rot because it was wet or dry out too much and shrinks. Also boats that chined properly, that is, strips of wood glued between the board, instead of sealing, there is a good chance that it is not moving.

Ok, what else? A pack or a pack polyurethane paints can be a good choice for a topcoat … they are almost as bright and enduring as the two packages, but not quite! These, however, is much cheaper and easier to apply than the two packages … there are many of them out there, it requires a bit of research plus our own personal choice … I & # 39; I'm not going to engage in a slanging match about which ones are the best! However, remember most major well-known paint manufacturer & # 39; s products are usually ok! It & # 39; s call!

So next on my list are marine enamels. Again, it's worth noting that before anything MARINE expensive … usually a good place to avoid this problem in the large hardware chain stores that sport one or two paints in this category, I & # 39; I ve had in my mind right now. It & # 39; s the name we are looking for!

Even decent quality marine enamels some whites have been known to yellow with age and the lake is to buy an off-white color like cream or buff. The final choice of Marine enamels proper, is a relatively new water-based enamel …. I personally have never used any but I have heard some good reports and there has to be some advantage to them, a quick cleaning and even drink the thinners!

There are a few types of paint systems other than those mentioned above, and as usual is likely to produce the same type of high-profile love writing from the editor for some reason or the other. Mainly I suspect because something is not up to the standard. Each of the following paints has their different uses and attributes.

house paint ENAMELS

Over the years the quality of house paint enamels has risen dramatically to the point where many yachties I know paint the boat with him. It & # 39; and a bit softer (and definitely cheaper) than most single pack polyurethanes and some colors, mostly the darker hues fade earlier than others. However, the fact is that it can be an excellent choice, especially if you own a small boat and do not mind repainting that every few years …. cheap to buy, easy to use!

Water based acrylic

a few years ago that the ship does not dream of painting with acrylic paint had peeled off …. big bands. This does not apply today however. My boat, Nicky J has been painted in Wattyl & # 39; and acrylic semi-gloss "CANE" and it's really amazing. In the past, the shiny gloss of the hull and the decks over white epoxy primer single pack and it's been very good. Not once had he looked more like detachment. Paint roller and ship it in less than a day once a year … and he & # 39; and forty-two feet long! This is yet another choice!

Well there & # 39; and the main paint choices but I urge you to remember one thing … preparation is King … it will save a lot of money in the long run, that's for sure.

how to apply the paint

There are, of course, three main methods of applying paint; Spraying, brushing and rollering. There & # 39; and another that many people use, a combination of the last two, rolling and tipping, we & # 39; ll deal with that one later.

Let & # 39; s look at spraying. There are several prerequisites for a decent spray job. They usually have a decent workshop complete with suction fans and half decent ventilation, good spray gear (cheapo underpowered stuff just does not cut the mustard) and most importantly, adequate and proper safety gear. There are always exceptions to the rule, and & # 39; and a guy who works for a living & # 39; s boatyard outside in the weather and he does a fantastic job … imagine how much better it could be if he worked indoors !! You also have to watch the weather, high humidity is not good and even if the overspray goes … not over anyone & # 39; s car, as so often happens! A great excess of paint is lost and wasted in the process. If you have a driving need for boats to look out of the car, then sprayings for you! Yeah, it's a quick (ish) too!

hand brushing yield incredible results when you are sick, and he knows what he's doing. I & # 39; I've seen boats that at first glance look like they have been sprayed only to find out that they were hand painted by brush ……. dust-free atmosphere and bloody good brushes (I mean expensive) are an absolute must here.

Last rollering especially & # 39; roll and peak & # 39; method. This requires two people working together as a team. One throws a thin layer of paint, the other follows closely with a decent brush and & # 39; tips & # 39; out the bubbles left by the roller – amazingly good surface can be obtained by this method.

A word of warning, no matter which method you use. Do not be tempted to retouch runs or sags in the paint or you will ruin the finish …. wait until the paint is completely dry, you can deal with it! It & # 39; s tempting but paint always seems to gel quicker than you think!


There are many facets to a successful painting of a boat. We can not be good at all of them and you have to choose the most suitable method for you own special abilities. Much depends on the options that you have available in your disposal. There are those who work in the garden, others are huge buildings, and even access to the warehouse! I will say that some of the basic rules for painting even the smallest vessels. Often, too much, too smart or too complicated, often discriminated what you are trying to achieve.

I saw ships that cost twenty thousand to paint, and they were just very average … why? Wrong choice for a painter to & # 39; s why. If you are going to choose a painting I & # 39; It s not a crime to ask him to show you some examples of his work. If you & # 39; and all the good you do not need a lot of … a lot of chancers and cowboys about, rest assured. All ships, each of them will need retouching or even repaint within a year. Just how long you get for your money is the trick. Unless you freshly painted boat in a museum or the garage, shut off and you can bet that from day one, you will collect nicks, dings, scratches and scars, then & # 39; s inevitable. Beware the painter who says & # 39; Yes, it will be ten large, but it & # 39; ll outlive you and I & # 39;. The need for repainting is directly proportional to how badly the ship handled over the years. The only way to keep the boat clean and never perfect, actually that dirty old water, you & # 39; and you're done! Be realistic in their abilities and expectations. Simple can be better in many cases.


needs a simple formula CALCULATING paint (ONE COAT)

This is interesting if not exactly exact! But there will be very close. This also applies to brushing and rolling almost sprayed. There & # 39; and another formula that I do not know!
ONE COAT = The boat & # 39; s full-length x beam x 0.85
divided by square feet covered per liter listed on the paint instructions.

If you do not work out the paint manufacturer will tell you if you ring the company hotline.

Over the years, wooden boats survived in spite of the elements are very rough and primitive forms of paint. Many of the early ships simply daubed in tar, bitumen, wax and turps. An early Thames barge survived more than a century, in perfect condition, as originally bitumen tank !! The dark brown glossy surface was the most perfect example of preserved wood I've ever seen. One of the most interesting boats I have ever seen was painted fence paint … the owner calculated that & # 39; d only ever painted once in thirty years! Another old boat builder I knew once said that the secret of painting wooden boat was painted many layers of paint to afford it!

Source by Terry Buddell

Facts and Care White Ink Tattoos

When you hear people talk about getting a tattoo with white paint, usually means a design that is not all white paint another color. These little kids are usually more subtle than would blaringly loud designs with black ink or color signals. A white ink tattoo often than not, better than the scar / brand. This is a great way to get much ink in private. These signals are usually only really visible when you show someone intentionally. It's the best of both worlds. You can have your very personal art, without having any negative attention to formal gatherings, or in the workplace.

Simplicity is key when it comes to white ink tattoo. Keep in mind that the tattoo artist will work with ink, which is a bit trickier to see. Simple pop art with a solid shot clearly than a complicated one. Trendy assortment of shooting star tattoo, dragons, writing, key tattoos, Kanji symbols, the heart and the core of tribal customs. They are so much easier to paint and so are less likely to end up as a confusing and frustrating blur. All white tattoos will be required to ink a few times to make sure that the sample is ready to be discernible. Also, darker skin tends to dampen the brightness of the white paint.

A typical tattoo design usually starts before stenciled shield. The contours are made with a dark ink, usually black. This is a very noticeable pattern in the artist uses to keep track. Small children usually without dark paint is a bit vague. It's harder to follow what ink is used, only the white paint. If a different color of ink for the white, this may lead to mixed chaos.

The ink is completely different from the basic white inks, which are different shades of colors. When used as a primary ink, you get a much thicker, high quality mixture is produced only stand out as much as possible.

White paint will lose some of its brightness and clarity of the tattoo, if they are constantly in the sun. If this kind of design is sure to keep out of the sun as much as possible. The easiest way to do this is to ink an area where you would normally be covered up. The back of the chest or make it an ideal area. If you usually dress a little more cover in the summer, you can also try your shoulder or just below the ankle. (Remember – near any tattoo is applied to the bone hurt more than one that is muscle).

When a stencil is applied to the white ink tattoo, the artist or the outline of his own blood or red paint. As a warning, the blood sometimes refines the ink is mixed with pink and purple. The best is to have a professional do without a stencil design is simple. Ask your tattoo artist, if he is well experienced with white paint before you let them draw on the skin.

Sometimes people some bad reactions to white paint. The reactions can happen with black ink, but they are more often white. Reactions itching and swelling. In some cases, the ink can turn yellow when mixed with sweat. As a prevention method, there is nothing wrong with asking for a small sample of the ink on the area you are aiming to complete the design. So you can be more confident that the remains of a large tattoo instead of a nasty scar.

Like all ink, if not, make the effort to pay special attention to your new tattoo, you may have something in the end that only just like the profession she wanted. Do not scratch or touch the area. Always hold the gauze with a minimum of 2 hours. Never cover up with a new tattoo plastic / saran wrap. Only with warm water and mild liquid soap antibacterial, and their own hands to clean the area. Lightly dab dry with paper towels out. Do not do anything like Neosporin or sunscreen over the area. Finally – with particular attention to not let the new tattoos to too much sunlight until it heals.

Just follow these steps and you'll have the best chance to get a clear yet subtle design can show your friends.

Source by Jessica G Moore

How to Prepare Your Palette oil painting

The oil painting palette has two meanings. The first refers to the surface on which the mixed paint; The second report in the array of colors used in painting.

Most artists prefer a wood palette. Some are placed on top of a thick piece of glass with a piece of gray paper. But a glass palette is restricted to studio use and working at a camp, which is a small board that holds the bulk of the painting equipment.

I prefer a wood palette. Wooden pallets come in various shapes and sizes; The most popular of the oval shape that is designed to fit the thief grabbed his elbow and thumb through the hole in the palette. The wood pallet size may be a small plate or a large bowl. As a teacher, I recommend that beginners use a smaller palette.

Before the palette can be used for painting has to be prepared sealant. Outstanding range of fine oils will seep from the paint and rob them of glamor.

There are three different methods of producing a palette of paint. Maybe some lightly used coat dry thoroughly before the next layer of shellac letting each. Some artists who have invested in an expensive, counter-weighted portfolio carefully close the French polish giving it the look of fine antiques. However, there is a serious drawback to these two preparations: the warm, umber hues of varnish make it difficult to accurately gauge color mixing.

A better method is this: invest in a liter of linseed oil. This does not necessarily artist grade. Raw linseed oil that is available is sufficient hardware stores.

Pour a couple of tablespoons of linseed oil onto the palette, and a clean cloth rag evenly to the crude oil in the palette. Let the oil sink for about an hour then repeat six to eight times. To twist the palette is not a bad idea to work both sides equally.

The objective is to saturate the wood oil. Once fully saturated palette, set aside and allow to air dry for a few days. Even after a week, but the range still feel oily. This is a good sign. This means that the pallet is ready to trip.

Despite the fact that the range is now fully laden with oil may also washed the subtle softening its paint. But only a little.

At the conclusion of each day you need to clean the painting palette. Never, ever, use turpentine round up the paint. Turpentine is a solvent and removing the palette like a thief run amok excluded from a housing development.

Instead, scrape off the paint with a painting knife and rub the remainder of the palette with a cloth. In a short time a soft, wax-like surface is formed to literally love your oil paints. This waxy surface also acquires a neutral gray color, allowing you to accurately mix and gauge your color & # 39; and hue, tone and temperature.

The painting is an indispensable tool palette and a brush should be well taken care of.

Source by Michael R Britton

Tattoo Art and negative associations – negative associations tattoos antisocial behavior

They all exist in a system, between social groups. The profession we choose, we take the hobby to the community in which we live up to the national identity. tolerance and acceptance of different social groups tattoos and body modification. There are people who want to get a tattoo is never simply because they have seen what society does or thinks of the man with tattoos. In extreme cases, become an outcast, stare thought less than or labeled a freak just because of the negative associations tattoo some people and social groups. Obviously people who have tattoos that are not visible after difficult to judge.

The United Kingdom is currently primarily vague, but still sometimes obvious class differences negative tattoos organizations. The feeling of tattoos that can be found in the working class, especially the older generation. Effect of other factors to the reaction that you have to tattoos. A tattoo of a dragon than a mans arm, for example (so-called & # 39; sleeve & # 39;) are treated completely differently than a suit, as if he were really baggy jeans and a wife-beater at the top. In this regard, we understand the tattoo of the environment in which they are presented. The negative consequences that the tattoo is primarily felt in the professional sectors such as banking and law rather than in a public place.

biker gangs or criminal street gangs, that some American tattoos in the United States, the negative tattoos organizations belonging to unfairly branded as a troublemaker, or misfits. This can lead to people with tattoos are just partner up with other people's tattoos, which perpetuates the negative associations tattoos in society. The old saying that if you like mixed as municipal irrationalities and false beliefs perpetuated and strengthened able to explain this phenomenon.

These correlations are not always a problem. Some trades unions largely negative tattoos leave or do not exist, the army and the entertainment industry to ignore two examples. However, the military tattoos will not be visible when the single and many in the entertainment industry can also choose to get a tattoo largely non-visible area. Some strange places tattoos took advantage of a recent statistic, including inside the ears, sides of the fingers and the side of the body.

subject to

the level of sensitivity to visible tattoos and people have different levels of reaction. Sometimes people with tattoos can be avoided in public, even if individual success in his career, and a perfectly gentle nature. The negative associations tattoos may just be strong in some communities.

In ancient societies, tattoos negative associations do not exist. These are often signs of strength, courage and power. However, the accomplishments commemorated with a tattoo often involved kill someone. This behavior is now considered a negative culture that explains the association between tattooing and the same violence is changing over time, a negative association. There were no anesthetics in ancient times, the pain of getting a tattoo was excruciating. I get a tattoo, which indicates that the wearer is able to endure a lot of pain. Although these connotations in the past, it is the basis of a negative tattoos organizations today.

In today's culture, the negative tattoos associations can lead to people feeling pressure to remove them so on a career or begin to socialize in new circles. Even modest calm tattoos designs like a little flower is also a magnet for gossip and ridicule in some circumstances. People who have a tattoo you can really enjoy the tattoo, but then I was so worried about what other people will think that you always cover up. The tattoo, a source of pride and individuality, now takes a lot of negative associations when in reality there is no reference to the person or their actions at all.

Source by Jon M Taylor

congenital Passion Painting: All Artist & # 39; s are born, not made

painting forms of expression, which includes the use of brushes to create an image on the screen. An artist has to choose the option, which can be used to paint; The most popular, although there are watercolors and oil paints.

an artist impossible to produce a masterpiece without the passionate feeling of the work. It is important that the artist is able to clearly visualize what you want to express in the painting, and then be able to bring up the imaginations of precision and dynamics. The ability to express yourself in a way, does not involve skill, but the talent. It could argue that art can be learned in practice. However, the truth is that individuals who do not have an innate talent for drawing and painting, can not become prominent artists, no matter how hard you try to learn from this medium of expression.

The primary talent born artist is the ability to imagine. If someone is evaluating a number of small children in their imagination skills, it is obvious that while some of them are very vivid and creative imagination, for others the lack of originality and panache to the nature of the creative individual. If someone re-evaluate the children after training the less creative kids to farther; Even after a complete and rigorous training results demonstrate that the training will not make it any less imaginative kids compete with those who are talented.

How creative can display only half the battle scenario is an artist. The most important task is to be able to express what we see in their mind & # 39; s eyes on paper. This requires the ability to make the right moves, and use the right colors to create an eye-catching painting. Precision mixing colors so that an appropriate part of shades is an artist & # 39; and skills development. In addition, an artist should be able to keep in mind the perspective point of view. Perspective is the ability to be able to give the right impression of a three-dimensional object is a two-dimensional surface, the height, width, depth, and position are proportional to each other. These are some of the basic skills of a talented artist, one of which is trying to learn, but will never master, unless you have a natural flair and talent for painting.

It may seem rather unfair to say that artists are born, not made. It is not that a person can not be an artist if you do not have a natural inclination to art and painting; but the fact that it is impossible to produce masterpieces, and become a famous painter only themselves enrolled in an art school. There is a significant innate talent in order to make a name for painting.

Source by Shelly Morrison

The Benefits of Art Cheek face painting

The art of face painting began thousands of years ago, when some cultures are used for hunting and fighting. Other strains used in religious ceremonies and ethnic important occasions. Today it is made more fun and joy. The painting booth is often found in carnivals, fairs and charity events and is always a hit with the crowd. Everyone, children and adults alike just love to attend. These types of painting, the entire face is designed to emulate a specific character. However, some people prefer just a small part of their faces be taken. Customers like this, cheek art is your best bet. Mocking art, only the side of the face is covered. But even if the area covered is smaller than a full-face design, it can be just as exciting and engaging as face painting. Face painting cheek art also has many advantages.

First, face art occurs in a much smaller area. This saves a lot of time. Compared to painting an entire face, much less time is spent when face painting. It is perfect for both you and your customers, because everyone now seems to be in a hurry. It also works great when painting small children, because children are not known for their patience. They can not bear to sit still for long periods. So the more quickly perform better. Apart from saving huge amounts of time, you also get to save money because they use much less toner. As the quality of face painting is not cheap, it's ideal for customers who are concerned about things like the cost. It also allows you to price your services at a cost that most people can afford.

Second, the face art samples is made easier than a full face coating the larger and intricate designs. Considerably less effort will be spent on creating the entire design as it paints a much smaller area. And the vast and intricate designs are no longer required to make a beautiful creation.

Third, it works more flexibly. Any development of the customer & # 39; s choice can be resized and turned his face art. You do not even need to paint the face alone. You can paint anywhere! Face painting cheek art can be done on the shoulder, hand, neck … It depends on where the customer wants.

This is just some of the advantages in the face of art. But I do not really know if you try it yourself. So pick up the brush, and now that the first shock!

Source by Cindy Lee

How to Remove Tattoos at home – Apricot Scrub, Aloe Vera and other home theories

One method to remove tattoos at home that has been rumored to be working on the use of things such as apricot scrub, aloe vera, salt, sand paper and even appeared on a number of occasions. These methods are also home to people watch because they are cheap to go through than other simple methods, but these methods really work, or they're just theories?

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used by many people who have gone under the laser tattoo removal to the fact that due to the water-based solution will be to get out of the broken pigments after the body of ink in the process of getting the laser to break.

removing this method alone, however, it has been said to be very effective for those who are new piece of ink. The reason for this is that the aloe vera is a water-based material, and therefore, a new part of the ink trap tattoos, and make it difficult to remain on the skin.

There is meaning behind this method, however, can not say what will happen to actually process the entire piece, only missing parts of the tattoo.

Apricot Scrub (and salt)

Some said the proposal to go through the apricot scrub and salt (as a form of exfoliation).

The Salt work, wear it through the first layer of the skin and apricot scrub would do the rest (some people actually mix aloe vera and vitamins older is to try to break the pigments).

One of the best once again be able to do something like that, to go out and fade away portions of the paint, not all of it as effectively as you'd like.

Home dermabrasion

dermabrasion method of rubbing the area and peeling of the skin, homemade methods and you are looking confused polishing powder, aloe vera and rub it gently on the skin with a pumice stone to break down the skin and pigment ink.

What method do you choose?

The natural home methods like this, you & # 39; accomplish the act of breaking down the skin layer and the ink pigment in the skin.

Now what & # 39; going to understand that methods like this are going to have a lot of time to work and at the same time might not be as effective as possible, in the hope it will be.


There are other methods out there that is easy to do as a tattoo removal creams which is actually proven to work and still be cheaper than what you would pay for a surgical dermabrasion or going for laser tattoo surgery (although this is the preferred way to go around at the moment), these creams are proven to work breaking the tattoo pigment and weakened / Remove during tattooing through the week (or month, depending on size), and best of all you can use it to remove the tattoo at home.

Source by Junior Pswarai