congenital Passion Painting: All Artist & # 39; s are born, not made

painting forms of expression, which includes the use of brushes to create an image on the screen. An artist has to choose the option, which can be used to paint; The most popular, although there are watercolors and oil paints.

an artist impossible to produce a masterpiece without the passionate feeling of the work. It is important that the artist is able to clearly visualize what you want to express in the painting, and then be able to bring up the imaginations of precision and dynamics. The ability to express yourself in a way, does not involve skill, but the talent. It could argue that art can be learned in practice. However, the truth is that individuals who do not have an innate talent for drawing and painting, can not become prominent artists, no matter how hard you try to learn from this medium of expression.

The primary talent born artist is the ability to imagine. If someone is evaluating a number of small children in their imagination skills, it is obvious that while some of them are very vivid and creative imagination, for others the lack of originality and panache to the nature of the creative individual. If someone re-evaluate the children after training the less creative kids to farther; Even after a complete and rigorous training results demonstrate that the training will not make it any less imaginative kids compete with those who are talented.

How creative can display only half the battle scenario is an artist. The most important task is to be able to express what we see in their mind & # 39; s eyes on paper. This requires the ability to make the right moves, and use the right colors to create an eye-catching painting. Precision mixing colors so that an appropriate part of shades is an artist & # 39; and skills development. In addition, an artist should be able to keep in mind the perspective point of view. Perspective is the ability to be able to give the right impression of a three-dimensional object is a two-dimensional surface, the height, width, depth, and position are proportional to each other. These are some of the basic skills of a talented artist, one of which is trying to learn, but will never master, unless you have a natural flair and talent for painting.

It may seem rather unfair to say that artists are born, not made. It is not that a person can not be an artist if you do not have a natural inclination to art and painting; but the fact that it is impossible to produce masterpieces, and become a famous painter only themselves enrolled in an art school. There is a significant innate talent in order to make a name for painting.

Source by Shelly Morrison

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