How to Remove Tattoos at home – Apricot Scrub, Aloe Vera and other home theories

One method to remove tattoos at home that has been rumored to be working on the use of things such as apricot scrub, aloe vera, salt, sand paper and even appeared on a number of occasions. These methods are also home to people watch because they are cheap to go through than other simple methods, but these methods really work, or they're just theories?

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used by many people who have gone under the laser tattoo removal to the fact that due to the water-based solution will be to get out of the broken pigments after the body of ink in the process of getting the laser to break.

removing this method alone, however, it has been said to be very effective for those who are new piece of ink. The reason for this is that the aloe vera is a water-based material, and therefore, a new part of the ink trap tattoos, and make it difficult to remain on the skin.

There is meaning behind this method, however, can not say what will happen to actually process the entire piece, only missing parts of the tattoo.

Apricot Scrub (and salt)

Some said the proposal to go through the apricot scrub and salt (as a form of exfoliation).

The Salt work, wear it through the first layer of the skin and apricot scrub would do the rest (some people actually mix aloe vera and vitamins older is to try to break the pigments).

One of the best once again be able to do something like that, to go out and fade away portions of the paint, not all of it as effectively as you'd like.

Home dermabrasion

dermabrasion method of rubbing the area and peeling of the skin, homemade methods and you are looking confused polishing powder, aloe vera and rub it gently on the skin with a pumice stone to break down the skin and pigment ink.

What method do you choose?

The natural home methods like this, you & # 39; accomplish the act of breaking down the skin layer and the ink pigment in the skin.

Now what & # 39; going to understand that methods like this are going to have a lot of time to work and at the same time might not be as effective as possible, in the hope it will be.


There are other methods out there that is easy to do as a tattoo removal creams which is actually proven to work and still be cheaper than what you would pay for a surgical dermabrasion or going for laser tattoo surgery (although this is the preferred way to go around at the moment), these creams are proven to work breaking the tattoo pigment and weakened / Remove during tattooing through the week (or month, depending on size), and best of all you can use it to remove the tattoo at home.

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